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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Yes, I agree with you generally here Sollve!

The Misinterpretation is part of the 'Game of Life'.
Like in a chess game, the 'opponent' might induce you to 'make a wrong move', then giving your 'oppenent' the advantage IN THE GAME.

In regards to the science, what do you think I am - some master teacher or educator who knows every 'students' weaknesses and strengths of what the student is able to understand at that stage of their 'learning' or not?

I am NOT a teacher for anyone. I feel compelled to share this data, accumulated over a lifetime (by the way it has cost me thousands to do so in photocopis etc before the webage and I never 'made' a single penny from all of this over 35 years or so, so in human terms I must be 'really mad'), because I am doing this for a 'Greater Good' or whatever you like to term it.

Actually, should I have not experienced the ET connections, I would have engaged in a teaching career - teaching high school (or college) maths and physics. But I wasn't 'allowed' to do that - so drats. I'm NOT anyones teacher or guru or leader.

Roger Over and Out


You say that you are so compelled to share this data. Why are you so compelled? How do you feel when you are sharing? Do you feel love? Do you feel hightened (in the meaning: standing above the rest), or something else?

If you for example feel that it is Love that drives your compassion in sharing your data. Where do you feel this love is flowing? Towards those who are at the recipient end or those who are at the messenger end. If you feel nothing or equal love towards both, then how do I know the message is for me?

You talk alot about polarization and I don't think I understand what you mean by this. Do you believe that you need to divide us or unite us? Regardless of which, why is it necessary for you to do either?

I'm totally all in for uniting everyone because I do feel intensly that we are all the same at the core of our beings. Some of us are lost, some are not but if we know that we find more or less of ourselves represented in everyone I find it most interesting to reach and connect. I have an infinite compassion and drive towards understanding and love, and because I have that drive I know that everyone has got it, more or less. That's why I never give up.

I need you to make me understand how polarization can be the answer when I'm so certain unity is, and ofcourse none can exist without the other, but why try to maximise the polarisation, it will always be percieved to be at maximum anyway but in this NOW we know how it is and therefor how the maximum polarization is manifested. If we in every NOW try to minimize the polarization from the NOW we percieved as before, even if the next NOW feels like it is at maximum wouldn't this still be the prefered way of doing things? In my world and reality it is. Why not in your's?

Wow! I'm applauding you stamina! It only takes me a couple of replies to get totally exhausted and you seem to be able to carry on through out the whole day. Awesome!

Thanks for your time and understanding my lack of understanding.

Your friend in unity,
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