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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Ok; I'll decide.
Thuban is a pretend smokescreen of pretend information, which is just a plagiarism of well credentialled academic sources masquerading as 'real science' of a new world.
The Thubanese are old Draconians who like to eat people for breakfast and to gather food resources; the Thubanese have decided to infiltrate the world's most important discussion forum: Project Avalon.

Here then the agenda is to brainwash the forum contributors with scientific sounding but really worthless information and for the purpose to gain as many followers of the Thubanese philosophy as possible.

Then when the critical mass of cult followers has been reached, the true Draconian Reptoids will appear and harvest their brainwashed followers.
This will be accomplished in invading the old earth shortly after December 21st, 2012 through a Black Hole-White Hole monadic dyad opening up halfway between Sirius and Gaia and wormhole connected to the Orion starsystem.

The Powers-That-Be of the old earth will be powerless to stop US; because they had thought that WE would allow them to be our ambassadors of the new earth and in thinking of themselves as the elite.

WE shall eat them for lunch; but they dont know that yet; although some of them suspect that WE are deceiving them.

And so WE shall rule the New Earth and in a few years, say 2015, WE shall reengineer the deteriorated wormhole channels to allow our Draconian brothers and sisters to join US on OUR new homeplanet SERPENTINA.

From then on, SERPENTINA will be a BLACK DRAGONSTAR.

All of the old humanity will have been consumed by US and WE shall DRAGONSEED a HybridRace between OURSELVES and OUR Ancestrial Lineages.

But first of all, WE have to create the Thuban Dragon Cult and this and only this is the purpose of Abraxas.

So Be It!

Signed and Sealed in the Name or Amen of the Master-Templar
by Abraxasinas Scribe of the Dragons aka the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns entwined with the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins.

Hehe, THIS I do understand. Very nicely written indeed! Nothing of that science over my head stuff. Just plain and simple.

I think you've made a very healthy statement in showing us that you can be just as convincing regardless the message and this will hopefully make all of us even more sure about our own feelings. I really liked this thread in the beginning because it focused on my feelings about love and unity but towards the end it has become just what the very problem "outside" is. Outside the most believe that things are what they are because "everyone" is OK with it and I should probably also be OK with it because everyone else is OK with it and so on. Luckily there are people here that are aware of their own feelings and understands that when they feel the urge to ask and to get things clarified, that make it happen regardless of how stupid this may seem in the eyes of others who are afraid to show their percieved "stupidity". We are here because we DO make a difference. We are not like everyone else and I'm so proud of the many fearless humans, walk-ins and whatever that dares to stand up for themselves and who dares to acknowledge their feelings and make this world a better place.

Without people that dare to question what they feel is wrong from within we are allready lost and you could just as well eat us right away. I won't follow anything that doesn't feel right from within, regardless how right you try to make me believe it is.

The positive thing with a forum like this is that the questions show. On the outside in the "normal" world, questions not supporting the general dogma have a much harder time to surface. In here everything gets the equal space and that's just how it's supposed to be.

So.... Let us not be eaten. Let's question every atom in this reality that doesn't resonate with the whole of each and everyone of us because if we truly are the co-creators of our reality, which I know we all are, why should not every atom and every frequency resonate with the whole of our beings?

I believe the only reason our world isn't what the majority want it to be is the very thing this thread has come to represent.

I happen to think about Adam and Eve in Eden, and the snake delivering messages that apparently Eve didn't quite understand, but thought she did and there you go. Once we start to give in to the temptations of someone else telling us what is and what isn't, we are lost.

You will probably say that it's up to everyone to make their own beliefs from the information you are giving and sure it is.. You will probably also say that you don't force anyone, and you don't... But this is also the case on the "outside", still things aren't what they are supposed to be. So, yes the ones to blame are us for not doing something about it, but if you truly want to help us why don't you just in a plain and easy way just do that. Why give us the opportunity to MISINTERPRET? Why give us the opportunity to not understand? Make the message plain and simple and easy to understand for everyone just like you did in this one and you will truly help us.

Over and out knowing that I make a difference.
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