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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Originally Posted by sjkted View Post
So when is a good time to leave? For me, that's the million dollar question.


Do you have a million dollars? I'll sell you two answers for the price of one (the bridge stays in New York, though).

Preparation is first. A hand operated water filter can be bought for cheap at most sporting goods stores that have backbacking supplies. Canned and dried food... and a mountain bike with a tire pump and patches. You can get them at garage sales from people who don't think they'll ever need them (or just bought a better one) for less than 50 bucks sometimes.

As to when, I'm personally keeping in touch with Miriam's on-line community. It's a wonderful source of info and I don't have words to do it justice.

The prophesy says, "... a blue star for all to see..." Only a few people saw the blue nebula (comet?) a couple years ago (forgot the name), so that might not have been the get-ready sign. But then, maybe it was as certain people who have pathfnding skills (like Kerry, Bill, Miriam, Duncan....) did see it and... wow, I'm at a loss for words.

I just spoke with Elenie about the AI and other issues. We agreed that something new is at hand. Newer than the old UFO/new age stuff we've been tossing back and forth for generations.

It's Saturday night and I think I'm going to see if Lumi and the gang are in The Avelon Lounge.

I found a version of Bird's Crash song with the lyrics:

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