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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jonathon View Post
Boy was I late getting in on this thread. Hello all - just moved halfway across the country and have been absent for the last couple of weeks.

Wow what a thread. Compelling. My curiosities beg me to play, therefore I pose a couple of questions to Abraxas:

1) With regard to dimensions,my point of resonance seems to rest in the octave (8) as discussed in the LoO and LL Research, where 8 is perfection/singularity or the gateway to intelligent infinity (numerically and symbolically represented by #8). Would love to hear your expanded version or explanation of the additional 4.

2) I am through my awakening 'phase' moving through acceptance (officially made it a few months ago ) and into realization. I try not avoid entangling my growth in an arbitrary timeline, however as time moves closer to 'the date' I feel pressure to work harder (despite the fact that intuitively I know this is mere egoic-self-competition). You seem to have 'eyes to see'... so I must ask, what is it that you see in me? **shakes 8-ball and ponders three figures robed in red**

My gratitude for your time - you have put a lot of time and energy into this thread and I have enjoyed it!

Hi Jonathon!

1) I have answered this a number of times before. It is a highly pertinent question and so I'll answer it again with the extracts from my previous answers synthesized.
Jonathon - The Seagull of Freedom of Jonathan Livingstone - I am presuming at least a basic scientific understanding for you to follow this and I feel you can. There are references to the Ra material as well (in italics).

1.Reply to Anchor:
" I am Ra. The physics of sound vibrational complex, Dewey, is a correct system as far as it is able to go.

There are those things which are not included in this system. However, those coming after this particular entity, using the basic concepts of vibration and the study of vibrational distortions, will begin to understand that which you know as gravity and those things you consider as n dimensions. These things are necessary to be included in a more universal, shall we say, physical theory"

Dewey's less than 1 and greater than 1 approach for motion v=ds/dt or lightpath X=cT is insufficient for any descriptive physical theory BUT he has singlehandedly exposed the core of string theory called T-Duality. T-Duality defines a physics on a spacetime dimension R to become absolutely physically equivalent to a physics described in a radius 1/R.
This renders R and 1/R in comnbination dimensionless and of course Rx1/R=1 which resurrects Deweys Reciprocity Physics.

Ra says, that a DEMETRICATED (meaning no spacetime background as in Newton and aligned to continuous fields in General Relativity GR) theory of vibrations (strings) and mltidimensions (n) will refine Dewey's proposals.
Next, the trouble with a continuous Gravitational field as in GR is of course its incompatibility with the Quantization techniques of quantum mechanics and so the 'fieldparticle', the Graviton cannot become deduced from a classical field theory such as GR.

Yes, the Thuban science is the groundwork for the demetricated 'old' string theory and in its (relative) simplicity gives credit to Dewey.

There are no three time dimensions; but I know where this concept (say David Wilcock's) stems from. There are the 3 space dimensions of XYZ axes which define Translation.
Now envisage either a clockwise or anticlockwise rotation about each of these axes and you have 6 dimensions with 3 (Hyperspace) of them invisible due to the shrinking of R in 1/R (Dewey).
Next allow each of the XYZ parameters to Vibrate, say oscillate to and fro for 3 (Quantumspace) dimensions for a total of 9 space dimensions.

Now you can add a time dimension as the 4th (actually the 1st hyperspace dimension) as LINESPACETIME of Translation; a 7th (actually the 1st Quantumspace D or the 4th Hyperspace D) as the HYPERSPACETIME of (Penrose Twistorspacetime) and a 10th (actually the 1st Omnispace D or the 4th Quantumspace D or the 7th Hyperspace D) as the QUANTUMSPACETIME of the conventional 10D string theory.

The Omnispacetime then spans 10-11-12-13=1 to close the continuum with the 10D becoming a inertial massparametric asymptotic lightspeed invariant METRIC spacetime MIRRORED in a 11D MEMBRANE/AREA spacetime and IMAGED in a 12D VOLUMAR/VOLUME spacetime.
Mathematically and geometrically this engages the notion of defining a Hypersphere (Riemann) which in 3D looks like a doughnut but is actually the surface area (manifold) of a sphere in 4 space dimensions, called a 4-Ball.
Because of the Moebius strip-Klein Bottle mathematical definitions, you can then transform the different dimensional spaces in topological transformations and turn the entire holofractal universe inside out, so doubling its volume AS a surface area of (say a balloon) adding the inside colour to the outside colour.

As you can see this concept differs from the Wilcock idea of spacetime being the inverse of timespace.
It sort of works in the linespace sense, but not in the recircularisation, as in the latter the timedimensions become absorbed in a multi-dimensional NOWTIME called the Instanton.
The Instanton of that DEFINES the Quantum Big Bang.

Similarly your t/s-s/t inspirational moments are quite appropriate in the terms of the T-Duality, but not in the simplistic dynamics of Dewey.
The string-membrane-volumars or BRANES ARE SPACE, TIME and MATTER and the dynamics reduce to what happened at the beginning of the universe; BEFORE inflation, before the Branes became physically defined as spacetimematter and so before the Oneness or God was anything else but a mathematically abstract concept.
I AM THAT I AM = MATHIMATIA =95=All That Is (Exodus.3.14}.
Then in a most basic way, your intuitions and Dewey do map the 'God Theory' - in a most basic way that is however.
Iow T-Duality - the 6th Principle of Inversion/Constancy Rules the Physicality of Beingness.

2.From Post #308
Your query about the 8D-12D connection is very pertinent.
Allow me to describe the Thuban structure of the universe again.
The physical universe is 10-dimensional but bounded asymptotically in a 11D mirror dimension.
The 12th dimension so becomes the IMAGE of the 10D universe in nospacetime, say the Infinity of the Void and where Everything is Nothingness.

But this 10D universe can and is reduced to just 3 Space dimensions without Time.
The first triplicity is that of TRANSLATION, the XYZ axes of your geometry and physics.
About each of those axes you can rotate (say a ring around a stick) either clockwise or anticklockwise.
So you have the second triplicity COLOCAL (at the same place as being INTERDIMENSIONAL) as ROTATION of the XYZ. This then describes an Intrrdimensional 6-D Space Universe without Time.

The third triplicity allows VIBRATION or Oscillation of the rings (expanding and contracting say) for a 9D Space Universe without Time.

Now add the 'imaginary' timedimension and you have the InterD 10D Universe of Thuban.

This is a little simpler than describing this in technical jargonautics of 6D Calabi-Yau manifolds conifolded in flat Euclidean Minkowski spacetime in a background of classical general relativistic Einstein-Riemann 4D metrics is it not. Yet it is the same thing.

The 10D universe encompasses all of the physoicality in terms of inertia, mass, weight and such labels.

The 11D universe allows the NOnInertial and so Gravitational MASSLESS energyforms to occupy more spacetime, than is possible in the 10D Inertial universe.

The 10D Universe is RESTRICTED by lightspeed because of the inertia; but the 11D universe defines a Constant LightMatrix where light is stationary as a Standing Wave (this btw is what is behind the Tesla free energy technology - it is 11D as well as the tachyonic 'faster than light' physics of higherD aliens).

Ok, these are the dimensions in terms of the structure of the universe.

The 5th dimension of (hyper)space is easily accessible and is appropriately termed the 5th density. The 5th density so defines the MIRROR for the LineSpace of Translaton JUST as the 11th density forms the MIRROR for the 10th dimension/density as the boundary for the entire universe as the QuantumSpace.

So the the 5th the 8th and the 11th densities/dimensions become the MIRRORS betwen the INTERDIMENSIONAL densities of consciousness.
The 8th dimension/density so MIRRORS the LineSpace of Translation into the QuantumSpace of Vibration via the HyperSpace of Rotation.

I realise this is a little technical, but no familiarity of advanced quantum mechanics or string mathematics is required to understand these basics.

When someone so writes about say a 15th dimension, then this someone has, relative to the Thuban cosmology, misunderstood or misinterpreted the structure of the multidimensional and multidensified universe.
The 15th dimension is a substructure of a BASE-Dimension as the 6th dimension; say the 6th 'heaven' in the 'area dimension' of hyperspace (you could denote this as HyperSpacetime 15 or Hyperspace 5.6 or Hyperspacetime 5.6).
Mathematically, an infinite number of (Riemann) dimensions exist, but all dimensions above the 12th or the 13th as the Null-Dimension of the Void-Infinity again; can and are defined in finestructures, say multiples of 7 or 9 within the three triplicities of LineSpace; HyperSpace and QuantumSpace.

Including TimeConnector dimensions 1-4-7-10-13=1, an OmniSpace can be added as the 10-11-12-13=1 SpaceTime quadruplicate.

Your question now can easily be answered by yourself in the understanding that the 8th dimension is a mirror dimension of reflection/absorption and so polarity unified in that the POTENTIAL negativity of the Hyperspace (5-6-7) has become negated or neutralized by the potential negativity of Quantumspace (9-10-11).

This is why there cannot be a 6D 'Hell' or 'Archdemonic Kingdom/Archon' in contraposition to a 6D 'Heaven' or 'Cherubimic Kingdom/Principle' in the Thuban Cosmogony of Densities superposed onto the Cosmology of Dimensions.

There are 5 'Hells' and 12 'Heavens'.
All 'spiritual negativity' is restricted to 5 densities.
The so called astral planes where physicality intersects the lightform energies so are comprised of the 4-5-6-7 Hyperspacetime. It is from here that ALL 'channelings' are initiated - the astral intelligences as data emitters interacting with physicalised intelligences as data receivers.

The 6th and 7th densities are Hyperspace dimensions of reflection, where the physicality transmits its information from Linespace THROUGH and VIA the Hyperspace into the Quantumspace.

All astral intelligences can so partake of the negative polarity in the energy of the 5th density as well as the positive polarities from all dimensions (trickling down) in a mixture of 'truth and falsehood'.

Should an astral intelligence 'enter' the mirrorspace of the 8th dimension/density; then this sentience could proceed into Quantum-Spacetime ansd so become a hyperastral intelligence (invent your own labels here).
Once a hyperastral sentience reaches the 10th density, this intelligence has attained cosmic consciousness of the physical creation. It will literally KNOW itself as BEING the entire universe in selfconsciousness. This is the tenth 'heaven' of a new identity (see 24 Elders of Thuban thread).

Once a 10D entity has attained this status, this being's 'heartbeat' or inhalation-exhalation matches the Hubble-Cycle of the universe in 16.9 billion years.

Because the first exhalation has begun so 2.2 billion years ago, the 10D universe in quantumspace and omnispacetime has already attained 11D/density status Herself.
So graduation of a 10D universal being (all of your destiny as written into the 'Book of Life on Thuban') into a 11D multiversal being has become possible 2.2 billion years ago.
It was then that the 10D physical universe had grown in collective consciousness enough to potentialise Her own graduation (now becoming imminent through and by some of you being able to digest Her Story and Desires).
It so is the 'Great Mother' and ONLY the Great Mother' who can 'allow' ANY sentience to 'penetrate' her 11D Mirror to enter the Omnispace of the Great Father in the Exile of the 12th Dimension.

Because She has done so, this communication from Thuban, as the 'Home of the Void' of the Great Father, has become commissioned and has become possible.

This is the sory of the Andromedans, who as a sister galaxy to the Milky Way, have OBSERVED this occurence from the galactic, rather than the intergalactic starsystem based perspective of your many other channels.

3.From Post #314
Yes I agree with Ra in the context quoted below. Now this the context as perceived from the position of the NOW=THEN time when this data was transmitted.
Ra is USING the correct archetype and then assigns labels such as 6:light/love and love/light and unity etc.

This SAME archetype is then extended (not invalidated) is the following (from 24 Elders of Thuban thread).

8=Turquoise........P/No AP=Relativity(2 in 1)

9=Blue................P/No AP=Quantization(3 in 2 in 1)
10=Indigo............P/No AP=New ID in Unity [1-9] in (4 in 3 in 2 in 1)=1+O
11=Magenta........New ID in (5 in 1+O+1)=1+1=2
12=Purple...........New ID in (6=1+O+1+1)=1+1+1=1+2=3

So it looks like this:

1.Cycle of Awareness---Principle of Identity-AntiIdentity
2.Cycle of Growth---(Anti)Principles of Expansion/(Contraction)
3.Cycle of Self-Awareness---Order/(Chaos=Disorder=Entropy)
4.Cycle of Love-Understanding---Symmetry/(Distortion)
5.Cycle of Light-Wisdom---Infinity=Divergence/(Zero=Limit=Convergence)
6.Cycle of light-love mirror=unity---Inversion/(Constancy)
7.Cycle of the gateway---Reflection/(Absorption)
8.Cycle of the mystery--Relativity/NO AntiPrinciple so NO DUALITY

9.Quantization=Cycle Unified in the MacroQuantum scales being HOLOGRAMS for the MicroQuantum scales
10.NEW Identity Without the Need for an AntiIdentity, as the duality has become PROCESSED
11.NEW Identity in Expansion and Growth now not Uni-versal but Multi-versal and as the Plane or Surface of the Universe in Data mapping
12.NEW Identity in ORDER of the Volume of the Universe= Manifested Multiverse as subset of the OmniVerse in 12D all encompassing.

Thanks for your input Anchor. You might see then then the Ra material is simply extended and 'finetuned' by the Thuban material.

Generally the notion of DENSITY refers to that of a GEOMETRICAL DIMENSION in terms of how the multidimensional ENERGY of the Source 'DESYNCHRONIZES" from its maximum RESONANT SelfState.
Because the material manifestation is restricted to the Translational LineSpace dimensions of the lightspeed invariance; the maximum densification occurs in dimensions of the VOLUMAR, that is your experienced 3D+Time.

The Interaction between LineSpace and HyperSpace and QuantumSpace then becomes possible in the SUPERCONDUCTIVE Nature of what the HigherD Electric Current represents as coupling to the gauge photonic electromagnetic field.
In simplest terms, the Current in your Copper wires requires a medium in the lattice vibrations of the conducting medium and your formulation for electricity becomes the 'flow of electrons across a point/junction in unit time' or formally as dQ/dt=current i.
The higherD form for this requires no medium except SPACE itself. The formula becomes 2ef=i.
As you can see the electron charge quantum (e) becomes a constant coefficient and the differential equations describing current flow reduce from second order dq^2/dt^2 to first order df/dt. df/dt then DEFINES the AWARENESS Ra speaks of as the first cyclicity.
I can elaborate, but will be required to use technical semantics - I have posted on this before.

Density so becomes defined in how much source energy can be processed electromagnetically and this relates to the interdimensional coupling between the electron charge carriers - mass as stationary light densification say - becoming 'lighter' in the transformation of this selfsame 'mass-inertia' into monopolic superconductive magnetoelectricity aka the 'spirit'.

In this manner than, Density becomes directly proportional to Dimension, in that the higher the dimension, the higher the potential for the FORM of the spirit=electromagnetomonopolar field to attain full Source Resonance via the 'accelerated' space-awareness.
I can post the detail, but it is a longer post and should so NOT be edited by your moderator rules.
So before posting, I would appreciate advice as if it is appropriate to do so.
Here is the link:


Ra: I am Ra. The path of our learning is graven in the present moment. There is no history, as we understand your concept. Picture, if you will, a circle of being. We know the alpha and omega as infinite intelligence. The circle never ceases. It is present. The densities we have traversed at various points in the circle correspond to the characteristics of cycles: first, the cycle of awareness; second, the cycle of growth; third, the cycle of self-awareness; fourth, the cycle of love or understanding; fifth, the cycle of light or wisdom; sixth, the cycle of light/love, love/light or unity; seventh, the gateway cycle; eighth, the octave which moves into a mystery we do not plumb.
---End Quote---

---Quote (Originally by LOO part of an answer)---
7.17 Answer Ra: I am Ra. ...This is true at all densities in our octave. We cannot speak for those above us, as you would say, in the next quantum or octave of beingness. This is, however, true of this octave of density. ...
---End Quote---
Ra speaks of densities to the 8th only (OCTAVE), beyond which "which moves into a mystery we do not plumb."

2) 'Three Figures Robed in Red'! I do tune into a vibration of your association with the esoteric knowledge and data base.
You have searched and not found some time ago.
Now you are carrying the Infinity-Symbol in your hand; having found the 'secret' you were looking for in the disincarnate state.
You then have allowed yourself to remember that you know the secret as being within you - this time, the last time you say.
You require data, more information to manifest the esoterica with the practicatas.
Michel de Nostradame is your accomplice - in time.
You understand his work - you share it - but in secrecy of the red hoods.
These are the vibes Jonathon I received as data stream.

Welcome and you carry more information, than you have as yet remembered.

Gnosis to you.

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