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Iím sure most people in the Middle East know a lot more than what the media and our organized learning institutes are telling us. Itís rare finding people from these areas on forums like this.

All we really know about this area is constant wars. And, to name them religious or spiritual wars seems like an excuse to compel the sheeple. It says a lot when chaos is caused out of the name of God and to secure western civilizationís freedom. It just doesnít make any sense... especially when most of the history in these areas is kept hidden or destroyed. Weaponís of mass destruction may very well be real and it most likely comes in the form of ancient technology or knowledge. Afghanistan is mostly a torn up and lawless country. Why are rich countries steadily bombing and invading this barren land. Hmmm.
Something of extreme value is over there and TPTB will manipulate your children minds, put them into battle suits and have them thinking they are fighting for a good cause.
Al-CIA-DUH are the real terrorist, Bin Laden is a myth. Itís all Hollywood stuff

When they donít even let the average people tour the main ancient sites in Egypt, you should know something is amiss. Some might say they do this to preserve them. BS, preserve them for what and whoÖonly a chosen few to examine them? There is some deep stuff going down in the Middle East and most of the outside world doesnít have a clue.

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