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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Hi Bill,

Thank you (and Kerry too, if she gets a chance to read this) for all your hard work. You're developing a fantastic repository of knowledge that we'd probably have little-to-no access to without your efforts (as an aside-I was living in Tintagel around the time that PC was conceived-I likely walked past you on multiple occasions without knowing how important you'd become in my [and others] lives!).

I wondered if you'd share your opinions on Indigos, their origins, whether you've met any (aside from Boruska of course), and whether someone could be an indigo without realising? Also if you would recommend any names or sources that you trust for more information on indigos, that would be fantastic.

I have strong reason to be interested in this, and emailed you in 08 and last week with why. I know how busy you are though so I wanted to ask for information here in a far more abbreviated-and less personal- medium.

Bonus question-what's your opinion of Michael Tsarion's work, and would you be interested in interviewing him?

Thank you sir.


- Cyaneyed
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