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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
Please do try again with an email with subject line FROM FLYING PYRAMID.

We sincerely apologize to everyone and anyone who has tried to contact us with personally important information. It's sometimes nearly impossible to keep up with correspondence, and it's a major problem.

Hi Bill thank you for repling.
And i am very glad to see the forum is free again and that you are active as ever.

Yeah i can only imagine the ocean of e-mails to look through from all types of people. I am not sure what e-mail address to contact you at so i will try a p.m. through here and an e-mail at ProjectCamelot.
If you have a better address for me to contact you through please p.m. it to me.

I also am very interested in seeing/hearing the majestic interview.
Montauk, Majestic, Project Talent, Project MK-Ultra, Treasure Island, and alot of other places, people, and "things" are apart of my life and i am hopelessly attracted to finding more like myself.

God Bless Bill & Kerry
(p.s. does is Kerry still involved with Avalon?)
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