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Exclamation Re: Camelot interview with Dave Tops

Originally Posted by bosr View Post
I'm looking forward to a self-study course.

What is 'Declared'?
It is a term for being ex-communicated. You cannot do services, see friends, family, or business partners who are still in. It is an effective way to isolate you if you know something they don't want others to know. It originall was used to delete anti-social persons out of the group effectively, which number per the tech. 2.5%.

The church has declared 98.5% of the people who were responsible for the churches largest organization and successes at that time in England in the late 60's. Far more than the 2.5%, which is obvious as to why.....

They knew (or know) that the tech. has been changed and needed to be silenced or they would tell everyone. Thus they had to be made into suppressive "lepers" and cast out, like myself.

The church has slowly deleted places, omitted dates, names of people, events etc. from every document they can find to hide their actual changes. They will until a group comes along who has the confront to call them on it and expunge the alterers from the group and restore changes to their original form, intent and workability.

Hope this answers your question.

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