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Exclamation Re: Camelot interview with Dave Tops

Wow! What a difference a day makes in posts.

I went Clear in 59' on Dianetics which was just getting to a speedier result at the time. The state wasn't validated until 3 years ago, trust me you don't want to wait that long to have the state acknowledged.

That being said, Clear is not the end all of end alls and yes, Virginia, believe it or not, there are those who go Clear ( the state of relieving ones self of their current this life reactive mind ) and don't touch any past lives.(( Your reactive mind is a long story but suffice to say it sums up all the negative events you have experienced while under duress of one kind or another as well as losses this life.)) That is odd but does happen on occasion. Past lives are not what you are looking for but they do come up on there own quite frequently as you unburden yourself more and more.

To go Clear , STANDARDLY, one will need an auditor to audit you. Most of the "protestant" auditors outside of the church do charge for their services. An alternative, time consuming but still very, very, effective, is to do it the original way and apply Dianetics to another person and and them to you. Just round robin 3 hours a day each and you will get the job job done in most cases.

The biggest problem in the Organization today is the obfuscation of the correct workable technology. People don't get anywhere without a ridiculous amount of money and then where they get in advancement is questionable due to the alterations. That being said they do get some gains, which is a testament and tribute to how powerful and effective the technology really is.

All of the original works are alive and well outside the church, there are many auditors who practice standard tech to this day. The main idea is it is a workable technology and does work if applied exactly. There are many individuals who have taken it upon themselves to embellish or change the data either for their own benefit or some other reason. Beware of these situations as it will only cause you harm in my experience. In other words if it isn't broke don't "fix" it.

That being said, Clear is not the end but just the beginning. Beyond clear is where you really find who you are and how much you have been tampered with as a being. The end result is you will find out for yourself just WHO YOU ARE, how you got here, and that you CAN be at cause not just for yourself but for everything for the good of all. The abilities that Mr. Tops mentions can be obtained, but, every being has his own talents and the results are for relief of negative gain as a being not to do parlor tricks. If that makes sense?

The things you have gotten yourself into and the beings that allowed you too were not good guys and they have installed things "into" you that you have no idea are there. Hubbard was really intuitive in his methods to find these implants and how they were laid in.

A good reference to start reading is Fundamentals of thought. Pm me if you want to know where to find it. The technology of Scientology is unbelievably unique and applicable to nearly everything. I use it every minute of everyday. Nothing else exists in this universe like it and it is a way out, a very workable way that those with less than honest intentions want to bar for the rest of us.

I am happy to direct , answer, and help if you should need it. It's a blast.

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