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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dave Tops

I was also with Hubbard for a bit last lifetime and if anyone wishes to put more pieces of the puzzle together, PM me.

It is generally agreed in the Freezone that all the good clearing practitioners left CofS and are now in private practice. Same goes for my auditor who has been auditing for 20 years outside the CofS. As with every service profession please employ CAVEAT EMPTOR. Please do not treat it as a religion but as another Clearing modality.

I am very very happy when CofS does manage in spite of upper management to make Clears -- Buffalo Branch just made two clears and I am very happy for them, but they do not have the freedom of expression and response-ability that I enjoy as someone who is CLEARING outside the CofS. Plus I paid tons less than they did.

Where I am going next lifetime I will not be able to take the car or house or closet full of clothes, but my state of CLEAR will come with me into my next wonderful lifetime!!

Thank the Buddha who one day decided to sit down under the Bodhi tree and not get up until he found it.


Originally Posted by jonathan Burke View Post
I have been in the group since the early fifties, that is last life time and this life time. The technology works unbelievably well if applied standardly. I am a trained auditor and would be happy to answer any questions.

I was Declared 3 years ago for telling my friends and family about what is going on. There is a lot more than was covered in the interview as to what has happened and why. It's a huge topic to cover because it works and that's the reason for the attacks on it.

There are a tremendous amount of pieces to the puzzle in Scientology that Camelot is assembling into a full picture. It doesn't have them all but with the use of some of the techniques, many, many more can be found. This was even suggested by Hubbard in the sixties using the e-meter to do "archaeological" research into precise Earth and Pre-Earth history.

If you need any info, just let me know, happy to help.

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