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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dave Tops

Originally Posted by Connecting with Sauce View Post
I'm not yet fully through the interview... but I think most saddening thing is that the C of S was infultrated and changed and then distroyed from within. So we would all avoid the C of S... I know I avoid them at all Mind |Body Shows as I feel negatively towards them now and maybe rightly so. This doesn't mean the original teachings are not worthwhile... but how do you find these original teachers? Another part of this game we call life...
You probably already received some replies to your question. Anonymous has gone to great lengths to publish all Hubbard documents, lectures, videos, etc.

Also the Galac_Patra Yahoo Group just installed a website on an international server and I have found it adequate.

Last lifetime I managed to cut short my between lives implanting and landed myself right in the lecture hall of an ongoing Scientology lecture series. Some of the best data I have ever come across. Most of it is compiled and thus some very ancient -- a real time saver, but as always test everything out for oneself.

I spent some interesting times with Hubbard last lifetime and there is nothing better in this world than going CLEAR. IMHO.
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