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Default Re: Camelot interview with Dave Tops

I have not read the interview but I would like to make a point on the messages of religions.

I believe that when a prophet has a religious message, it is not long before this mesage is hijacked by people who want power. These people become 'priests' (in quotation marks because religious leaders have many different titles) of this new message (however, I beleive that many priests and religious people are good people who want to live by the message and spread it.)

These false 'priests' turn the original message to their own ends and eventually, the religion just becomes another vehicle to feed their lusts.

I do not believe in any one religion, but I feel that the orignial messages contain a lot of good information and work. I listened to the bible on MP3 so I could hear the origninal message (as orignial as I could get without learning Hebrew) because I do not want to rely on priests for my development as I am worried that I am handing too much power over to them.

Rant over.
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