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Default Re: Healing list....put the name here ....

firstly i would very much like to welcome traveler to the forum, so hello, hope you enjoy avalon

mudra, rhythm, lightbeing thank you so much for your kind and heartfelt words
, i really appreciated them .........its funny but as you know i meditate daily, i always call upon love to those that i come across every day....for the last few months i have extended it to people i come across on line, (i have only this year interacted with on the net).

tango, thank you so much as well, i have an understanding why im out of kilter at the mo, biography becomes biology, have looked deep into myself, had a year of massive changes (for the better) but i know i need to rest up a bit and take some of my own medicine......always saying to people to be kind to themselves, to listen to their instincts, rest.....but i tend to not do that and i know i must.
i am extreamly sensitive to atmospheric changes, electrics etc which doesnt help.
your picking up on a low t-cell has come as a suprise, as after illness it usually goes sky high, then takes a long time to come down, hence slight elevation of glands, tiredness and a feeling in my mussels of a continuous electric current. interestingly though, t-cell production is regulated by the thymus......aaaaha.......heart chakra.......thank you all for your help, had a moment of understanding
many thank yous

bou x
better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace

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