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Default Re: david icke call to arms !

From where I'm sitting, thinking...

One of the problems (and I use the word 'problem' with some reserve) of organising 'action' from this community is that we are not certain what we are protesting against or fighting against and we're not clear on what we all agree. If that can be established..then I think we could move.

There are plenty of avenues...

But what's the destination?

And who is the target?

That might sound a bit daft of airy fairy, but you can't start up a cyber protest against what is rumour layered upon rumour. There's got to be something more concrete than that.

I think we need a collective statement of belief. Not everyone on here is going to believe or agree with everything Ike says.

Define who you are and define your purpose.

I was told 'You can't know everything. If you know everything you lose your purpose.' I'm still not sure what that meant even now.

But I reckon the next step for this community is: Define who you are and define your purpose.

I know Bill and Kerry have done this to an extent on Project Camelot, but it's fluid and needs evaluating.

Without some clarity there can't be any effective action?

Just a thought...what do we think?
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