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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
2 questions

Is it possible for you to find out all different types/roles of mother craft?


Why do you think that non of the PC whistle blowers.... are discussing this large and still growing ET presence around earth (or they do and I do not know about it?)
How many of the PC whistle blowers are still deep on the inside? Most of them are telling once upon a time stories and are no longer in the loop. The one that they are talking to that is still in there, Pete Peterson, is David Wilcock's source for the info he gave out about 3 different individuals telling the one insider that the Disclosure announcement was imminent.

I am on the fence with Peterson, but that would be the answer to your question. Peterson also told Kerry that a large planetoid size ship had parked near Earth recently. Now I think that when it comes to Peterson's info you can flip a coin about the accuracy of it. On the other hand the things that he was accurate on like the Skate Fish Liver oil where valuable.
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