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Default Re: 27th November...Full Disclosure??

I say go for it!

I have no idea what the government is doing and don't really care but telling the truth is about the best move they have.

Somehow we have to manage this disclosure with davinici in mind. From the inside out! This must bloom from the divine mind with a passion to heal and transend the evil that has been done! We can not WILL NOT just forget how bad the secret gov. have been screwing the people of earth, but we must direct our focus to a new level of thinking. A new energy of being. A new planetary civilization in one huge massive galactic family!

ARE WE READY!!! REALLY!!! Ready to see ships that are several miles long! like 10 -20 MILES LONG! 40 - 50 Miles LONG? To walk the shores of a beach of a planet orbiting a star in a galaxy that you never heard off? To expose the evil and hold those accountable and steer this beautiful planet back into the light and use free energy like our lives depended on it. To end the psycho big pharma and to use all herbs and hemps that are natural? We have so much work to do...


Peace JT

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