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Default Re: 27th November...Full Disclosure??

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
More dates. Heh.

Who wants to wager that nothing will happen on those dates?
Hey HJ,

I'm the first to say B-S when it comes to date, but I don't know if some of you listened to the PC radio show with Dr. Turi not so long ago. The guy said that there WILL be an earthquake of at least magnitude 6.0 on Sept 2nd. So I said to my old man: So... big earthquake next wednesday , eh. And I forgot about it. And next thing I know my dad came to me and said: How come you knew about that earthquake. I said: what earthquake? and then he pointed at the TV...

So there was an earthquake in Indonesia last wednesday charting 5.1 according to Google earth and 5.3 according to CBC News. Okay it was not 6.0 or more and you'll tell me that there are earthquakes everyday...but still.

Just wanted to point that out since nobody seems to have noticed

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