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Default Re: Is 2012 Doom and Gloom Fiction?

Originally Posted by seashore View Post
What truth is that?
If you can't see the eloquent truth in how that Baktune calendar is structured based off of that presentation then I am not going to be able to get you to understand it here. He accidentally jumped to conclusions about what would transpire in the future. So what? Big deal? You are going to allow a mistake he made in trying to extrapolate what would happen in the future negate all the extraordinary information he had about the past and the accuracy of that calendar?

The whole point that he was trying to make in the presentation is that the Universe is evolving on a set schedule. Moreover on certain dates there are huge shifts in the over all theme of consciousness of the Universe that effect all that lies within it. You are going to throw out all of that because he was wrong about the future?

If you want to go back to Early November 2008, that is when the 6th day of the calendar started. That marked the spot where the power consciousness would begin to be completely purged from our experience. Then by the end of the 7th day things are supposed to have transformed drastically enough that the world would now be run by ethics. Think about what has happened since then. Corporations the world over have been exposed for the unethical policies they adopted in the quest for POWER! One after the other they are going down in flames. Once it is all said and done, you can pretty much bet that there wont be any business entities or government officials that will not be exposed for their POWER based, unethical behavior.

Ian assumed that when it came time to give up the white house that the bushes would fight to keep it, and all kinds of crazy stuff would happen. He was not aware that both parties are actually controlled by the same groups of people. If he had known that, his guesses would have been much closer to the truth.

So you see, the general over all theme of what the calendar was showing would happen to consciousness at this time is indeed occurring. The new vibration of ethics is flushing out the old vibration of power. Now it is not happening as fast as some of the more impatient of us would like. However I am great full that it is not happening to fast. When it happens really fast it is called a World War. Relax, sit back, and watch the Power Consciousness be cleansed from he planet over the next couple years, then come back and try to tell me that there was not truth in that presentation.
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