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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help

Among all the suggestions here, I would like to share the one that worked for me.

I experienced over-all life effects from an attached entity. I never saw it. I never knew it was there. What I experienced was that every aspect of my life was heavy and hard. It was like lifting boulders to do the simplest thing. I just wanted to sit and cry. I didn't know at the time that my life energy was being drained away.

The solution given me was to do three meditations in which I first established myself in a safe place, with full sensory awareness of being there. Then call in my higher self to stand by me in a circle of protection. Then call in the higher self of the entity and ask that higher self to lead the entity away to where they are supposed to be.

There was also, as part of this meditation, the idea that this invasion of my being is "wrong" by spiritual standards, a breaking of spiritual law. The entity's higher self was asked to instruct the entity about that.

Three meditations. I never saw the entity. I don't have a mental image of what it looked like. But it's gone and everything about my life has changed, now that I have all my life energy available to me. In fact, despite all the topics on this forum, life is fun.
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