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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help


This narration of a segment in my path has some family elements in it. What totally blows me away is I have just recalled, from your question, that I too probably stirred it all up from my past life regression work, which occurred before my encounters got intense.

Healing Session - 2006.04.10

I arrived early and Xxx asked me to wait for our appointment in the basement. I initially stood observing the objects in the room, healing books, lit candles, drums, carved walking sticks and smooth black rocks of various shapes seemingly scattered about haphazardly.

I was mildly anxious and focused on an attempt to meditate. The energy of the room felt warm, safe and comfortable. I noticed repetitions of energy surges into my right heel which lasted until Xxx came downstairs about fifteen minutes later. I also developed an intense inner heat between my second and third chakras which felt like a glowing sphere or orb centered in my abdomen.

Xxx greeted me and offered me water. She asked that I maintain all parts of my body uncrossed and also requested I keep my feet and hands apart while she performed an initial energetic scan, while using a drum to set the consciousness.

After the scan, she commenced discussing the purpose of my visit. I narrated my life change circumstances and noted my hyperhidrosis, feelings of coiled energy and potential energetic intrusions. I noted that Xxx had surrounded herself with a walking stick on each side of her, with another behind her chair, and that she sat with one of the stones on her chair.

She acknowledged the presence of multiple attachments and energy patterns and asked permission to address them. I acknowledged and we went on a journey of exploration and healing work. I focused internally on intent to be an open channel and visualized a variety of flows within my body and noted several painful sensations. These sensations were centered on my lower right pelvic area, my right side of chest, my heart and especially in my throat.

During the work, I occasionally peered up to observe Xxx entranced with her hands moving with her palms facing me or to see her gaze up and off to my left as she contemplated or received her guidance. Several times during the work she would pause and inquire on my status and sensations and felt to be taking breaks from her energy manipulations.

She discussed at length the primary intrusion which she noted as a diagonal object that sliced through my trunk and was multigenerational energy that crossed both my family and my lifetimes. This energy manifested as an external controlling influence that was attempting to subtly control others to absorb their energies, in vampire fashion, to feed ‘itself’. She indicated that this energy didn’t provide any benefit to me, that it was parasitic and asked if I was done learning from it, and if so, for permission to extract it (which I enthusiastically granted!). This energy also influenced my mental and emotional processes significantly. She indicated gratitude for bringing this to her to be removed and noted this was part of a larger energy that afflicted many beyond myself and my Mom and her relatives. As this work was done, I felt strong roots in my lower left pelvic region like roots being torn from the ground and a resistance to extraction. I sent my own healing energies and gold light to the area which alleviated the pain in a few minutes.

Xxx shared that my many life changes experienced last fall coincided with a major earth grid reality shift where most veils of illusion were transformed into two worlds, with people dividing into camps of reality, the old world/experience and the new world/experience.

When I mentioned the apartment fire, another energetic entity manifested with thorns in multiple chakras especially my crown. As she worked with these areas, I experienced full body extended energetic surges that felt to flow readily without the past blockages around my middle trunk, and included surging in my arms which hadn’t felt much past energy.

During the series of extractions, she picked up some energy in her ear and needed to interrupt the processes and clear herself which required several minutes.

When she inquired specifically on my whole being state, I noted that I felt calm and also rather hollow like a void was present, physically. She acknowledged that I had recently chosen to do battle with the foreign energies and that this was the source of my confusions, chaos and the hyperhydrosis. All was relatively calm and harmonious when I had been integrated with all the energies present, but that as I began to choose to separate, the energies began resisting me to remain dominant. What had been subtle had then become prominent.

Xxx indicated that she placed some protections around me to manage some shielding of attempts by new external energies from seeking to fill my clearer space, and indicated several exercises to promote self shielding. She recommended one additional visit in a month to six weeks to recheck for energies and balancing of chakras.

Xxx indicated it may have been self protection cutting me off from source as with so many emotional and mental competitions going on within me it would have been challenging to trust inner wisdom. She feels that it will be much easier now to hear and trust my inner wisdom and voice, centered in my heart.

It feels wonderful to have this warm glow in my abdomen and I am encouraged that I have some sovereignty and space to work with. It is interesting also to be currently so clear without the orchestra of competing voices and thoughts in my head. I notice the skeptics and saboteurs are especially silent, them sneaky cartoon characters! Rascally Rabbits!!!!!!! The Grateful Dead knew, What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been. Seems it DOESN’T matter what one believes or attempts to faithfully manifest with intent, some days, we need help and support in this sandbox!
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