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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help


We are community, we help where we may. That said, I would be willing to help you tomorrow, after I review my techniques and embrace my guides, whom I have ... neglected ... I approach these situations with respect and preparation, except in dire situations, then I leap off cliffs if needed.

My intuition is that the cat was actually responsive to the energy displaced from you during the bath, seems yours doesn't appreciate a good long soak and was hanging around external, and the cat either was warning you of the energy or the energy to back off, probably both!

My experience has been that the gnawing creepy intensities were always when I was alone, but that in intense engagements with others, the energy would present as nasty expressions from me, totally excessive to the situation at hand, not physically violent, more as terseness and domineering.

For now, here is one of the prayers in latin that I did find effective during a crisis period:

In nomini Padre
Et fili
Et spiritus sancty

Abbe male spiritus
Abbe male spiritus
Abbe male spiritus

In nomini padre
Et fili
Et spiritus sancty

In nomini Jesus Chisti

The Indian healer showed me this in person, and it was stressed to get physical in the application by sweeping the energies from head to toe and down to the earth three times in the process of chanting the Abbe male spiritus segments ... rinse and repeat the whole process routinely if you find it useful, I suspect you'll know if it works through the internal feel of purity, if applicable.

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