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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help

Originally Posted by RubyTuesday View Post
I posted about this in the Indigo thread but it has progressed into something else. I have a dark entity around me and was told it was here to protect me. I have a friend who can remote view me and saw it and it was threatening to her the second time she saw it. So 2 nights ago I asked it to reveal its purpose and if it wasn't aligned with my intentions it must leave (thank you, eXchanger). I repeated this over and over. I did it again last night. This morning, when I woke up, I felt lighter. I looked out the window and saw a pretty white butterfly fluttering next to the glass and took this as a good sign.

So this afternoon I sit down for some extended meditation. I felt the need to clear my chakras, especially my root, because this energy contributed to some blockages. After a bit of grounding, out of nowhere it was there. It ATTACKED me. It attacked my energy- did not hurt me physically at all.

I've never felt anything like it in my life. I spent over an hour fighting this thing and I'm not sure if it is gone. I don't know who "won". It came at me out of nowhere. At first I thought I was having some new "wow" experience cause I was feeling my energy moving quickly. Literally, like a hurricane. Especially around my head. I could even HEAR it moving. I could see a dark hand over my eyes, even the shapes of the fingers. I have never, ever, ever, ever had such an experience but I wasn't scared. I couldn't feel my arms. I tried looking at them and couldn't see them. I could barely swallow and couldn't talk. At one point when I thought it was over I was looking around and know what? I wasn't IN MY BODY. I realized it immediately and was back. I don't know if it had tried to get in or what. I never felt it pushing me out.

Anyway, this is a very new thing for me and I have to do some research. Asking it to leave didn't work. Invoking thoughts of God and love kept me safe but didn't make it leave. I don't think. I think it gave up for a bit but I don't know that it is gone.

I'm hesitant to meditate right now, not until I know what to do. I've read if you push them away they can attach themselves to others close to you and I want it GONE. I'm out of white sage but ordered some to do some smudging asap. I've read about invoking the Archangel Michael. Sending it to the light- huh? How does one do that?

I will say one thing, I'm not totally freaked out. I actually feel empowered because for the first time I was aware and witness to exactly how strong our energy is. I had no idea, I could feel it like I could feel any other part of my body. We are amazing. I can't describe how wild it is to literally feel this extension of yourself with a fighting force. It's no wonder beings try to attach to us but it also has shown me that we really, truly can change this world. I have zero doubt about that now. We are a FORCE.

Sorry for the length but thinking along these lines- how many others may have these entities around them, blocking them from their full potential, without even knowing it? Maybe that is the intent?

Any advice?
I can do no better to help you then tell you my own story.

About 3 months ago i was going through a very bad spell where the worst of my energies were coming out of me. Noone would come into my room because they felt uncomfortable, as if there was a heavyness lingering in the air.
At the time i didnt understand that i was being attacked so i could do nothing to stop it. I was suicidal more then once and at the moment in my life all of my relationships were destroyed and could feel a hatred build up inside me.

So instead of manifesting what the entite wanted i started to perform acts of love, this he did not like. But the more love i expressed the less of a grip he had on me. And what i did finally to banish him for good was get a warm bowel of salt water. Then i chanted 'Any negative energys that here reside i banish to this bowel of brine' three times. I left it at the foot of my bed and in the morning when i woke up i could literally feel a lightness in the air, and from that point on its been down hill, things have gotten much easier.

Its also a good thing to make your intention clear, you are a strong soul being and have much power but only when you recognise it. Stand firm and align yourself with the love of the universe and the demon will loose its power over you.

I used to think demons were from cuckoo land, theres nothing like experience to jolt one back into reality.
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