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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help

Tuza, thank you for that advice. I think I have lavendar, I will check and mix it with oil. My neighbor makes incense, I'll get some tomorrow. I have some laying around but it's pretty generic. His is awesome.

Susan, the hot water is a great idea. And the chords. I knew you'd have some needed insight, thank you. I started using MAP a while back but haven't in awhile (maybe that's when this being got to me, that disconnect from guides?). Do you think that would be beneficial to try? I think I may try that tonight. I guess it cannot hurt? I always felt so safe with them around.

For those getting ready to ask what MAP is, here ya go and it is amazing:

Zynox, thank you for sharing your experience. In about 30 minutes I'll be unfocused and I'd definitely invite you to have a look. I'd appreciate your insight. I doubt if I have pushed it away, more like it is waiting. And have you found that they are less present when others are present? But when alone you just know its there? I started noticing something was amiss (but didn't put 2 and 2 together) about a month ago when my cat started having growling and hissing fits whenever I'd take a bath. She'd hiss and growl at the bathroom door, as if something was there watching me. When I'd finish my bath and open the door she'd slink out quickly, bushed up, to go hide.

I don't feel "dark" though I have been cranky and scattered lately with noises bothering me more than normal even. But overall I'm my happy self.

I'm not scared. A bit bewildered and hesitant ot initiate another altercation before I have my facts straight.
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