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Default Re: Do you believe the Billy Meier Case ?

Originally Posted by Free-UFO-Videos View Post

One thing that I didn't like about the Billy Meier Case
is he only mentions one species of extraterrestrials.
And that one species of extraterrestrials happens to look exactly like us.
It's all stupid right from the start.

There are different races mentioned in the Meier material aside from the Human looking Plejaren, Timmurs, Sonians, Akartians and the small dwarven Druan people.

Too many to go through them all here.

Most of them that are discussed ARE hominids though which seem to be widespread throughout the known reaches of the Absolutum.

Then there are beings existing in the fine-matter 'spirit' and condensed 'We forms' of many spirit forms co-existing as one.

No green tentacled aliens with 20 eyes though... sorry to dissapoint.
I'm sure there is no shortage of crazy looking alternative life-forms out there in different places.. and im even open to plant/tree forms that have evolved higher consciousness and states of awareness.
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