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Default Re: Do you believe the Billy Meier Case ?

Originally Posted by Luminari View Post
Show me a link to one single photo from Billy Meier where one side of the craft is lower than the other!

Its interesting you have chosen David Duchovny as your avatar.. you must resonate with his ignorance and skepticism.. he has publicly said he doesnt believe in UFO's. If the man had done 5 minutes of honest research or had any spiritual integrity whatsoever he would support the truth.. but chooses greed and debauchery instead and upholding the morally corrupt status quo.

A dispicable human being in my view.
Hey relax guy!

Just look at the famous 'i want to believe' pic, someone on here has it as their avatar. Some of the other pics appear to have a little bit of a bend in them too, some more than others depending on the angle.

But it doesn't really matter. It looks like you've made your mind up and that's fine- I've already stated my opinion in previous a previous post (not the last one).

Everyone's gotta come to their own conclusion- and yours is as good as mine though we disagree.

I'm not busting balls, just take a breath...

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