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Default Re: Do you believe the Billy Meier Case ?

Originally Posted by Bodhran View Post
... how does he ... What extraterrestrial UFO or weapon currently in our possession are we comparing this to? one has recreated Meiers photo's and movies under the same circumstances ...I for one believe that ET contact or not the message he has been trying to get out to the public for so long is the most important one ever given to humanity. Don't believe the **** put out by anyone read it for yourself then decide.
I agree that many of the photographs are remarkable and difficult to understand how they were made other than how he says they were. However, that doesn't do away with the real problems that do exist with some of them.

And you are correct, we can only compare the flight characteristics of things we know and that is what I have done. If I didn't do so it would just simply be dishonest. The behavior _is_ that of a model on a string. Sorry. I don't have enough information to say anything definite about its true nature, I can only comment on the information at hand.

I would be interested in knowing what part of the "message" you think is new, unique, or not already represented in preexisting scripture, literature, or oral tradition that makes it important?

I also agree with you in that everyone needs to research and decide for themselves. I am of the opinon that it may be impossible to know with any degree of certainty about a great deal of this business and it is foolish to think anyone could. However, exercising good judgement and critical thinking will cause you error on the side of caution.
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