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Default Re: Do you believe the Billy Meier Case ?

Originally Posted by Luminari View Post
Get 24 hours of The Contact Notes read by Randolf Winters here:

Then make up your mind.
Yeah that's the thing about this case that gets me.

MANY of the photos and video are suspect. Many of the craft depicted, including the 'wedding cake' and 'i want to believe' craft are bent. They are lower on one side than the other.

Maybe a one armed man would have a little bit of a hard time getting it straight by hand?

But the contact notes- I've listened to them, all 26 hours. I gotta say, either its just all a ongoing science fiction story, he's insane, or it's true. I tend to think it's a little bit of each.

IMO, I think the biggest dilution of the case came when his 'cult' or whatever you want to call it- 'group' came about. He became their spiritual leader and was forced to fill in the gaps of what he knew with what he thought. Then the followers make a whole belief system of of it. And as time goes on he is forced to make up more stuff to keep the followers satistied- "Ufo disease".
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