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Default Re: The GFL says we must prepare to board the ships....

Originally Posted by pineal-pilot-in merkabah View Post
i think sir, you just hit the nail on the head , its all supposition and though intersting to wonder totally meaningless and irrelevant to the current situation. who is the GFL , the annunakit, the zeta reticualns , the greys the blajh blahb labh blah.. priority= food , shelter, friends, water, be nice. let the rest of it take care of its self.
i do not think that bla bla bla applys here!

These are the headings what would seem to be some of the major extra terrestrial presence on earth in recent and some ancient history. And the best one...WHO IS THE GFL???

I have heard about a "back up" plan to evacuating people from the planet if the disasters get out of control that the ships will be filled to capacity using some kind of karmic scale or vibrational state of being. Meaning if your not a positive or nice person you may be left behind! Then for sure your priority will be that of survival...and i would guess that if there was a disaster that people were rescued from that it could be troublesome.

Peace JT!
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