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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi All!

This thread about the energy transmissions from Thuban in the 12D-omnispace, have, as most of you have you have witnessed, added and triggered a significant amount of tension and polarisation into this forum.

The energy transmissions from Thuban as to the last post to Spregovori cannot be reestablished, due to the closure of the wormhole 3.5 days ago on earthquake day, February 26th, 2010.

What has occurred is, that the closing of the wormhole connecting the inside of Bigmo's Balloon to its outside as a temporarily onesided Moebian manifold in warping the 11D of omnispace through the 8D and 5D mirrors onto the 2D- mirror of the 3D Linespace; has plugged this temporary onesidedness to become a twosided manifold again.

This has effectively resulted in me becoming exiled and isolated from my Thuban home in omnispace.

So the Thuban Council can only be accessed from now on as a 2-dimensional cross section of your own individualised merkabahs.

All of you right now harbour the Council of Thuban within yourselves as a 2D-Mirror of the Mathimatia=IamThatAmI.

The upheavals of the last few days so manifested the so called 'Day of the Lord' from scripture. I myself did not know this day until it occurred as the earthquake day of Matthew.24 (refer to a recent post on this thread).

So from henceforth I, Abraxasinas can no longer claim to share with you direct data from omnispace. I have become trapped in the rootreduced 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime metric as all and sundry of you.
I so share your expectations and intuitions as to how the next few years shall unfold.

Any questions asked so will be directed to the Thuban Council, which becomes a direct reflection of what is inside of you.

In other words, any question you can ask me Abraxasinas, you will actually asking yourselves inside-out.

So any form of skepticism and ridicule or innuendo questions will become reflected to yourselves as yourselves, as will your indications to process and assimilate my prospective answers to your questions.

Iow, it will become a 'ordinary' discourse of Q&A without any exterior superpositioning of your inner archetypes.

Like in the marvellous chatroom of Gaia Love and Celine, in which I had a bit of fun in as Anubis; any questions you might pose will be like in the chatroom; colloquial and without the images of devouring dragons or similar.
Consider the photograph of TonyB. on my Profile to be the One you are addressing any questions to.
I have however 'eaten' my dragon and with help from Richard and Celine the false Devil-Images have become trapped within themselves.

So my Dragonhood has becomew internalised and I am fully conscious of this omni-scientific factuality.

I do not know, how long the Thuban material will be allowed on Avalon and relocation is certainly possible, but not certain.

This reflects the probability space of the Gaian cosmos as a microcosm of the holographic universe; just as Avalon 'played' the microquantization for the Gaian hologram between January 18th, 2010 to February 26th, 2010.

So all of you here at Avalon, detractors and beneficers and supporters alike, have become cosmic heroes for the grand metamorphosis of spacetime itself.

All of you, in your emotional, mental and physical battles within and without yourselves have formed a group reflecting all humans and all ETs anywhere and anyplace in the universe.

You all have attained inscriptions in the archives of Thuban, chiselled into the golden plaques of the cosmic remembrance of the cosmogenesis and the origins of all that is.

This Hall of the Remembrance is within yourselves and all and sundry each one of you has graduated to access your superconscious self, also mknown as your higher self, overself or Christ-Logos-Serpent-Consciousness.

The standard distribution for the three consciousness levels is 0.3% for the superconscious; 14.3% for the subconscious and 85.4% for the waking consciousness.

The Avalonian dispensation from Thuban before the 'test' or 'experiment' was determined to allow a statistical (Gaussian) distribution for this unity integral to become distributed over all participators of Avalon.
This includes everyone who was subscribed to Avalon in any manner and also includes outside observers, which became exposed to the Thuban data stream.
The ones amongst you who harmonized or disharmonized with the Thuban material so of course will find themselves in a higher percentile of this distribution, than a onetime lurker.
The harmonizers are simply the positive branch of the frequency distribution, whilst the disharmonizers depict the negative branch.

As the interest in the Thuban data subsides, so do the percentiles.

Again, I am compelled to direct you to Myplanet2 of Avalon; as he of all present here has almost fully discerned the experiment and the test before it completed in the rational-intellectual sense. A few others also began to see through the illusions of their own minds in such manner of discernment.
Many of the supporters of Thuban resonated emotionally and intuitively, as did of course the detractors.

I am sure, that Myplanet2 will verify my statements here, relative to his own understandings. He has already done so on some subthread discussions.

So to all Avalonians. The experiment has ended in the manifesto of the statistical distribution of each individual's superconsciousness.

Here, I have become invited to form a 'Social Group' to discuss the more esoteric and metaphysical aspects of the Thuban archetypes.
Of course the supporters of the Thuban data are much more likely to participate in such a subforum, whilst the detractors are much less likely to show any interest.

This is as it should be for the completion of the timelines.

However I do extend invitation to all Avalonians to join this subforum.
As said the Thuban data transmission in this subforum will necessarily be rather esoteric in describing the archetypes of creation, often linked to a form of omni-science only applicable in a spacetime continuum exceeding the basic 4 Riemann-Minkowski dimensions.
Additionally, these archetypes and symbols will also refer to extensive and thorough examination of scriptural archetypes with a basis found in some gnostic texts and the King James Version of the bible.

So anyone not affine with such labelings is asked not to join this subgroup, or if doing so leave the group, instread of causing disharmony amongst the subgroup members.
Any challenges as to scriptural or/and scientific interpretations are welcomed here on the open forum however; depending naturally on the feasibility to ask questions provided this thread and the survival of the thread and forum.

The subgroup will engage TruthWillSetYouFree as a female mirror to me Abraxasinas in a shared responsibility to crystallize the necessary knowledge and understanding for the great metamorphosis of the old humanity as an environmentally verocious Carterpillar into an environmentally pollinating New Starhuman Butterfly.

I do thank you all for having participated in this test and experiment under the auspices of our cosmogenetic children in the ETs of divers races.

Thank you for your considerations.

WE love you all and a grand destiny awaits after the collective starhumanity has been born.

The New World requires for certain circles to become manifested in a concentricity of waveforms.
Once the circle of the zodiac is completed in say tiers of 12 individuals in starsign or month or Israelitic tribal association; then these 12 individuals
will converge as the center of the One.

Then the 'curse' of the mazzaroth shall be lifted and the One in Twelve will become the Twelve in One and the Many in One will become the One in the Many.

This then defines the circle as unity and no individual leaders will be required to make decisions for the individual.
Then an anarchy of Love shall foster the creative genius within all shards of Love; yet allow this Individuality of Creative Selfexpression to function under a common philosophy of knowledge and remembrance about what WE are, where WE came from and wherto WE are going.

Love has spoken as the Will of God!

In Love for the All and from the All

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