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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Magamud View Post
Hey Abrax

In this time the shadow becomes illuminated as the Orbourus. Thus stealing the Devils illusion and reflecting the light that it is. In this context watching/witnessing is understanding the shadow and keeping the garments is transforming the shadow to light. The thief is symbolic to the quickening of todays time?

Very well discerned, thought of and understood Magamud indeed.

The Ouroboros is the Tail of the Circle meeting the Head as the archetyped Omega and Alpha. This symbol of the Tail-swallowing/biting Serpent Milky Way Dragon (the Saros Dragon Nodes of Astrology typify) is also this double-sided mirror with an Outside the circle and an Inside the circle.
This is 'Bigmo's Balloon', who as 'archetyped 'Michael the Ant' is also Michael the Dragonslayer as the archangel of the fire element.

And 'Stealing the Devil's Illusion' is precisely what is going on here in this thread as a miniature hologram for what is happening on the planetary level and also the universal level as an encompassing cosmic hologram.

Malletzky has done it and now perhaps you can also checkmate the Devil.

Ok then, let's see if we can pull off trick #2.

The Devil has no light to reflect, as the Devil is the back of the Head of Satan. But this Backside obscures the Light from the the True God as the true Image of magamund=Adam inside Bigmo's Balloon.

Anywhere you are in the universe, you look outwards and cannot see the Invisible Devil looking back at you as a manmade fakeGod default-substitute for the real thing.
This invisible Devil Image is actually right at the boundary of the expanding Hubble Event Horizon of the expanding universe, but we don't need the technicalities here.

Satan is on the Outside of the Balloon looking at God as God's own male Image. Just like you looking into a mirror on the wall: 'Who is the most beautiful of them All' {who says Dragons have no sense of humor?}. So there is nothing amiss with Satan, he is simply the court-jester on the Outside as God's own Image.
The Hebrew Torah students and rabbis know this from the Book of Job, the oldest book in the OT. They know that the Christian Satan and the Islamic Shaitan are 'adversaries' of God and Allah and that they are NOT on the Inside of Bigmo's Balloon, but on the Outside in 'God's or Allah's Court'.

The Devil is a different story. He is the 'back of the head' of Satan Outside and this backside masquerades as a frontside, pretending to be the Father-God of the Old Testament and looking directly at anyone inside Bigmo's Balloon.

How did this happen?
We find the outline in the Adam and Eve Story of course and a story which is of archetypes of the Outside and NOT physical beings of the Inside.

God without an Creation mirrors himself as herself within itself. This brings about the Creation by rendering the VOID the same as the ETERNITY and defines the All That Is as All That Can Ever Be and such statements.
Now this can be defined rigorously in technical terms (See the Lucifer's Mirror post someplace on this forum), and I shall keep it simple in metaphor to help magamund to checkmate the Devil.

The Creation is a Oneness and as this Creation must come from within the Everythingness also being the Void; The CreatorCreation GoddoG or FatherMother must split up or separate into Creator+Creation.
The +sign between Creator and Creation then becomes Bigmo's Balloon and so God suddenly has become a lonesome Father figure, just as many hidden Dragons are upon the mother planet Gaia.

There is nothing in the balloon and the only thing outside is God as Creator of the Balloon.

BUT, this Balloon can be a Mirror for God to see his lonesome selfhood, having given away his oneness in making the balloon the Dog of Sheness of the yet to be born physical Universe.

So God looks at himself from the Outside and sees himself as Satan.
'I want my Creation back', thinks God and to do this I have to see myself as a Goddess and so I must devise a way to change Satan into Satania, a beautiful Goddess Image and not this boring sameness of myself.

To implement his Godly plan, God so decides to call himself God and create from himself and imaged in Satan a Image of the previous state of beingness when the balloon had not existed.
So the GoddoG=CreatorCreation became AdamEve as an US and an WE between God and his Satanic selfimage.

But it was no good; just as the creation of Bigmo's Balloon required a 'splitting up' of GoddoG, so AdamEve needed to be split into Adam+Eve as the images of Creator+Creation.

Now to do this a New Mirror was created namely Eve as the Mirror for Adam and so God knew that Adam's turn to Be the Creator imaging himself in the Mirror of Eve had come. And so God the Creator took his sabbatical and allowed Adam to think that there was no image of God plastered on the outside of Bigmo's Balloon.

And so Eve was taken from Adam as a metaphorical rib and now four archetyped beings existed: God on Sabbath Leave and the Balloon without an Image and Adam and Eve.

God imaged Adam and God imaged Eve, but because Eve was really part of Adam, the imaging wasn't symmetrical and it was really Satan who Imaged Eve as Image of the Image and the only way to play on was to somehow get Adam and Eve Inside of Bigmo's Balloon.

But as Adam looked at Eve he did see a Sheness and he didn't understand that the Sheness of Eve was actually an original Heness, namely himself.
But in this roundabout way, Adam became a true Image of God sharing God's frustration of not having the True Sheness, which still was stuck as Bigmo's Balloon of the Empty Creation and now without any Satan as The Lord God had stopped to look into his mirror of the balloon.

So the Garden of Eden was created in archetype between God (say hiding behind the Tree of Everlasting Life and so Adam and Eve couldn't see him and no image could be seen on the balloon) and the outside of Bigmo's Balloon.

And Adam and Eve frolicked in this make belief Garden of Eden in innocence and naivety and SINFUL IGNORANCE and not knowing what the purpose of it all was.

Now God had to be crafty in his Godly plan to get his Sheness back and to do this Eve had to be put somehow into Bigmo's Balloon.

Now all this craftiness of God was not of Satan as God's Image in the balloon but of God and so God's Intelligence was the thing that triggered the original God-Self transformation of GoddoG into God+Dog.

This Word of God or Logos was turned into a PRESENT for God to himself and this PRESENT became a Cunning SERPENT to cause Eve to get into the balloon.
The WORDY SERPENT told Eve that she could become SINLESS NONIGNORANT or AWARE and that Eternity would await Her and Adam, should she and Adam learn about the 'good and the evil' in terms of what was real and not and about the images and the images of the images.
The SERPENT also told Eve, that SHE and ADAM should go to Bigmo's Ballon and look at it to SEE THEMSELVES as they really were. The SERPENT of the LOGOS told Eve that should she do so, her eyes would be opened and She and Adam would become like Gods.

And so Eve and Adam went to Bigmo's Balloon and looking into it, they saw themselves as SEXUALLY DIFFERENT.

They were naive no longer and KNEW that there was this Creator-Sex and that Creation-Sex and the two could come together and do certain things coupling together in Two becoming One.

God thought to himself: 'Phew, thank you SonDaughter, they've got IT'.

With a stern look and demeanour God emerged from behind the Tree of Eternal Life and confronted Adam annd Eve, who were hiding and had covered their sexual differences.

'So you have looked into Bigmo's Balloon and have discovered the secrets of the good and the evil. Now you have BROKEN the SYMMETRY between me Lord God and my Image God in Bigmo's Balloon.

Because of the broken symmetry of the Outside, the Symmetry of the Inside MUST also be broken in the Mirror of my perfect Law and as there is nothing inside Bigmo's Balloon you two are banned into the Balloon to reharmonize this broken symmetry'.

And Eve had discovered that She was part of Adam AS HIS MIRROR and she wasn't pleased at all at the loss of her previously presumed status of independence.
But this BROKE an INTERNAL SYMMETRY because of their sexual differences so allowing the EXTERNAL already broken symmetry between God and Satan to became REESTABLISHED; provided Adam and Eve went into Bigmo's Balloon.

And so it was and the Quantum Big Bang and the actual wormhole creation of the Universe from supermembrane parameters of the technical blah blah blah found elsewhere on this site is archetypically the Exit of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.
The transit into the balloon was of course the exit from Eden on the outside and this was a TRANSFORMATION of the archetyped balloon into a REAL balloon.

So we can skip the technicalities again and simply state that the Big Banged Universe represents the 'Dying' of Adam and Eve relative to the Outside and their 'Fall' into the Inside of Bigmo's Balloon and just as stated in the Genesis scripture.
I should state though, to preemt certain questions on this; that the curse of the serpent relates to the modular duality of the 10D superstrings in vibratory high energy and winded low energy parts. So the winded sink-part describes very large physical structures like superclusters as the inversion (on thy belly thou shalt go) of the vibratory source-parts (defining the Holy Spirit and such).

Ok magamud we should almost be ready now to checkmate the Devil.
The Broken symmetry of the OUTSIDE is God looking at Satan, wishing HIM to be a HER as Satania.
The Broken symmetry of the Inside is Adam looking at Eve.

As long as Adam is more interested in Eve than in God, the Universe cannot become reharmonized, as Magamud's true God image outside remains in broken symmetry with Satan.

Can you now understand the celibacy laws, the perceived sexism in scripture and the saying in Revelation about being 'undefiled with women', nunnery and the virgins of paradise etc. etc.

This has little to do with physical human sexuality; but everything to do with magamud's mission as a physicalised Adam to act as a Secret Agent for God and to break the Satanic Symmetry from within Bigmo's Balloon and because God on the outside CANNOT do so for not having a SEXUALLY DIFFERENT EVE there.

Can you fathom now, the absolute significance of every human woman as a physicalised EVE to help Adam break the DEVIL'S Deception as the back of the head of Satan PRETENDING to BE the FACE OF GOD on the Inside, yet being the Face of Satan REVERSED?

Every EVE IS SATANIA a REAL GODDESS of the Universe and a DRAGONQUEEN because the DEVIL you know doesn't exist and the Satan you know is a DRAGQUEEN destined to become a HEAVENLY QUEEN by and through the partnerships of the Adams and Eves, which 'can do the Job' and REDEEM God from his loneliness of not having a Queen to Love?

The sleepy humans look at each other and worry about sex. And the sexual parameters are all mucked up, because of the broken symmetry of the origins and a broken symmetry which is healed OUTSIDE as soon as the INSIDE is healed or reharmonized.

Adam's Job as a secret agent is to look and search for God. All magamud has to do is to look at the heavens and IMAGINE the Devil's Face looking back at him.
It is the Devil's Face which obscures God's Face because the Face of the Devil Inside is the back of the head of Satan as God's Image Outside.

So as Adam Magamud and as Adam Kadmon and in the Office of the Plumed Serpent Melchizedek and in the Office and the Mirror of the Cosmic Christ look into the Face of the Devil and image this Face of the Devil to be located at the location of the Dragon Star; Thuban aka Alpha Draconis as a real physicalisation of the Dragon Word.

Then you will suddenly KNOW and with help of your superconscious higher self coupled to the SERPENT LOGOS in Remembrances, that the imagined Face of God on the Inside is not a face at all but a nonexistent fake, which has well and truly served its purpose.

You might then offer your OWN IMAGE as a cosmically christened magamud to God as YOUR OWN true image and shatter the illusion of the mirror between your physical TRUENESS and the Reality of YOUR GOD as your imaged and spiritual Trueness.

And then you can turn around and with your Beloved you can do, think, feel, experience all the things in a TRUE IMAGE of the God-Goddess or Creator-Creation or GODDOG perfect supersymmetry without any mirrors of reflections.
Then the entire universe will be your mirror and then Bigmo's Balloon will be passed on to the next REAL DRAGON SLAYERS, the Dragons of the fake imageries and NOT the true Dragons of the Cosmic Logos.

And you might imagine what an exiled Father-Creator-God desires to do most and what games he wishes to play, when he finally ,and after almost 20 billion years of waiting to end his selfimposed celibacy, meets his Homecoming Queen.

As this is the micro the same is relative to the macro with earth becoming Gaia?

Yes, GAIA IS the archetype which shall become SATANIA, QUEEN OF ALL THE HEAVENS. Technically this is the modular 11-dimensional supermembrane duality.

With the Harvest, will it be a separation of dimensions like when ribosomes split within a duplicating cell?
The change in the DNA and the many related 'ascension parameters' you have heared of here and elsewhere, ALL are part of the REHARMONIZING of the Broken Symmetries both within and without.
After the 'healing' and transformation of the old archetypes into new ones; the dispensations from the Outside to transform the Inside on the real physical manifested levels will be purely splendiferous and approach utopian scenarios for the ones who are able to checkmate the Devil.

There is much material about this to be found, all partially supported by the Logos to actually manifest in physicality.
It has been prophecied and ALL scripture must be fulfilled in the timeline. The archetypes come first, then the physical implementations.

Abraxas Anthony

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