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Smile Re: _AVALON LOUNGE_ Open 24 hours

Originally Posted by Relayer View Post
Nice guitars peoples.

Absolutely love those Rickenbacker basses

Here's my beast...

Hey all you budding guitarists, who's your favorite players? Mine are:
Jimmy Page
Joe Satriani
Fellow Aussie: Angus Young (AC DC)

Take care and love to all.
Very nice finish ~ solid body! Relayer
Must make some sweet sounding music
I like Carlos Santana
Jeff Beck
Jimmy Page
Eddie van Halen
Larry Carlton (steely dan fame)
My favorite Bass players are
Abe Laboriel jazz /sessionman
Marcus Miller jazz/ sessionman
Jack Bruce (Cream)
John Entwistle (the Who)
Michael "Flea" Balzary (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Geddy Lee (Rush)
Rob Bailey (ACDC)
and I like Paul McCarrtney cos he got me interested!
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