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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

yes, it's true that there have been many genocides thruout history -- perhaps one difference w/the Nazi attempt at genocide of the Jews [particularly -- yes, i know Jews weren't the only ones to die in the camps] -- the difference is that the other 'genociders' have passed into history -- the Nazi genociders passed to other countries & now control the real power in my own country & others -- it was also the most well-organized genocide we know of

when you deny the Holocaust, you are essentially denying present reality, &, as far as the camps go, very likely denying your own future -- human beings seem to be really good at denial

also, Holocaust denial appears to be fun for anti-Semites

[edit for this: i don't now if the documentary 'Mein Kampf' is still around -- it was released in the year A. Eichmann was brought to trial -- a lot of footage that the SS themselves had taken of the camps -- there 's also a map that the British made of the location of the camps -- they were EVERYWHERE -- i remember reading of one small camp in which the inmates were given bunks made of barbed wire to sleep on

it seems kind of tasteless & definitely un-loving to me to deny the suffering & death of so many]

Peace & Freedom, wynderer

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