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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

eXchanger, I expected better from you.

You say "WE did not write this..." who is WE exactly? Do you have an evil twin I don't know about?

We do not need this foolish discussion to occur again, so your reposting of these rightoid opinions are unneccessary here, and inflammatory for it's own sake.

Short memories or what? No wonder it is the fashion to rewite EVERY history... the latest generation ALWAYS thinks it is the smartest, wisest,
most tech advanced to date. We are still being shown this is also BS - neanderthals could have had it all over us in sprirtituality and art culture.
What do we worship today? Empty vessels: Lady CaCa, famous imbeciles with freakish faces, and stupid, overpaid young men beating the meat out of each other on a field.

Not all history is neccessarily 'wrong'. That's only my opinion now, but your write up of the piece you link to says alot of what you are thinking, too.

As has been stated already, the numbers might have been fudged, Bloodlines and races might have been ignored too, but the hell did happen,
and it still happens of course, just that (many of the holocaust) victims' puppet government is perpetrating some of the same sick rituals on the true owners of the country they inhabit.
Like some child abuse victims who grow up to be pedeophiles.

I would like to obliterate that entire ugly reality and all it's root causes (extreme rascism and other ignorance, grimy secret ritual belief (harmful to others), lack of attention to warped govt policy,
political apathy combined with flag waving patriotism) and so also it's history as some of us know it - perhaps you would too, eXchanger? In my preferred next world, anyone else who really wishes, won't have any of it - inc the current culture and empathy vacuum. Is pretending a different past the way toward a better future?

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