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Default Re: Healing music..solfegios etc...

Since my last post on this thread, I did some current research on the topic of frequency music from 'Emit'. There actually is still some info available about the posts made on GLP forums preserved by Tiaka9 on --
If that does not work, try

If you read all the content you will see that I got some details wrong... and that some of the 'debunkers' did not read all the content.

But this post is not just to relay old forum postings.
After hacking a flash player I found a way to access three more Emit tracks as Mp3s and have posted them for your download pleasure. They are in the same folder as the previous music files,

The new files are named Emit3.mp3, Emit4.mp3 and Emit5.mp3.

There is also a Myspace page ( ), but I prefer being able to download files. So enjoy the futuristic frequencies at your leisure.

My love to Mudra, for being such a gracious presence in Avalon.

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