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Default Geeks Get Crazy...

With the demise of the internet and the threat of state run internet 2 things are going to change for the worse, aren't they?

I'm sure that there are enough people around this world who have the tech knowledge to set up and run a free internet service like the one we all love - freedom of speech and free.

Friday nights are a night when a few select number of my frriends come round and we have a few bottles of wine and a chat. We always return to talk of the types of topics covered by this site and many others.

We talked about internet 2 and a friends said - when geeks get crazy things get done. I think the promised switch off of internet one is just one of those times when geeks all over the world should start and pull a free internet service together for everyone and let those who want internet 2 have it and good luck to them.

Even though most of my friends are computer programmers, I am just a computer user, but still I don't really understand why I have to pay an isp for the privilage of going online - after all it's just a net work over the telephone line.

I'm pretty sure that 'geeks' - said with affection - should pull something together that is better then internet 1 - definately better then internet 2.

As I said on another thread - 'Jim, your mission, should you accept it, is to give us free internet that is not censored. This tape will self evolve.'

Thanks for reading this - I hope thoughts start whirring and things get started.



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