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Post Re: The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Cover Up?

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
I've recently been speculating regarding religious and political cross-pollination...that the God or Goddess of This World might be the common source...and that the sacred writings might be a mixture of fact and fiction, truth and error, good and evil. Think Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, Isis, Hathor, Mary, et al. Could the Teachings of Jesus (which I adore) predate the Life of Christ? Were they a script? Could the God or Goddess of This World have written the Pauline Epistles, determined the contents of the Biblical Cannon...and written the works of William Shakespeare? Don't scoff or laugh until you've done some digging!
Speaking of digging... No one should talk about Christianity and its origins until they have read Jesus: One Hundred Years Before Christ by Alvar Ellegard. It holds the keys to understanding the true origins.
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