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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

some red cross documents were recently floating around on the web. In their own documentation they knew of the camps, inspected them, sent care packages to them as well.

I find it very hard to believe the international red cross would help Hitler cover up 6 million murdered people. The red cross documents which appear real to me indicate 200,000 deaths due to typus.

Knowing the red cross from my own experience I can only summarize either the red cross inspectors were ignorant beyond belief or the holocaust as we have come to know it is a grossly distorted version of what actually happened.

Hitler did indeed have the red cross in Germany both before and during the war. How could the red cross not only know about these camps but also visit them and still have no clue of a holocaust?

I've always taken the media's word for it without any critical thinking. But when you apply critical thought even 3 million dead is an impossible number for the given time frame and method used.

then add in relief agencies who did have access to these camps and their negligence to report anything like what the military reported at the end of the war.

We all sit here and agree that another holocaust should never happen but fail to realize another holocaust has happened, is happening and there are far worse holocaust which get no national attention. Just research Gaza and get a clear picture of what is really going on over there.

The native American Indians were nearly wiped off the face of the earth. When Lenin took over Russia millions of people were killed.

We have learned nothing from the holocaust which now seems less than accurate.

America has been slowly turning into a fascist empire where our own citizens are no longer safe from our government due to the Patriot act. Many are beginning to realize 9/11 was done by our own government with the help of Mossad.

The holocaust has morphed from a tragic event that never should have happened to a reason not to even question the current government of Israel or be labl3ed anti-Semitic if you do. So, in response to this "trick" and the connection to 9/11 many Americans are now questioning how authentic story of the holocaust truly is.

"Holocaust denial" isn't a racist movement as people tend to think but rather a questioning of how accurate the history is. For if the history proves otherwise and Israel government has been using this tragic event as a weapon to get whatever they want, than those people who did suffer and die in the holocaust did so for nothing.

Israel has been implicated in some very serious crimes (along with the USA) against humanity. White prosperous bombs in a civilian populated area is a war crime. Depleted uranium rounds (USA also guilty of this in Iraq) is a war crime. Cutting off water, electricity, food and medical supplies to a civilian population is a war crime. Any and all land grabbed in an invasion is a war crime.

Unlike Israel the USA doesn't have a weapon to use against anyone who questions us. The little state the size of NJ has the 3rd most powerful military in the world. (How does that happen?) And the moment you question their actions or responses they can throw up the holocaust like some holy grail which give them a free hall pass to kill innocent civilians in Gaza Strip, illegally kick out Palestine citizens from their homes and cut down ancient olive trees for the "settlers" whom are nothing more than land grabbers on illegal land.

The reason we must find out the truth as to what happened, by whom and why over 60 years ago in Germany is becuase that tragic event is being used to allow a holocaust now. But this time the Jews are doing what the Nazi's did. And if they are not careful the innocent Jews here in the USA and world wide will pay for those crimes once more. There will be a new wave of anti-Jewish fever to grip this nation if we do not stop the abuse.
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