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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

To support derpif here:

All that nonsense about a 'secret conspiracy organization' behind the Nazis just utilizing them to conduct the holocaust is hair raising BS.

The Nazi decided at the Wannsee conference to solve the 'problem' of the jewish population in Europe and bring it to an end. Ther was noone else involved in this discussion except the German Nazi party.

I don't see the Nazis, especially all the responsible political and military leaders of the German gov at that time, as 'victims'. The aren't.

I am from Germany, too.

And to straighten things out: Discussion about the Holocaust is not forbidden in Germany, but denying it is ! For a good reason as you easily can see.

If denying the holocaust was unlawful in Sweden, USA and some other countries, Nazis all over the world and especially German Nazis would'nt be able to buy and distribute so much Nazi propaganda. In fact, all that stuff like DVDs, books and flags is produced in countries, who fought the Third Reich until it fell - but after the war, they stopped fighting Nazis. Why ?

Abut that parcel with "pine bark" in it (whatever that is), and the German customs claiming that illegal drugs were in it: It depends on what each country (in Europe additionally the EU in Brussels) defined as 'illegal drugs'. Custom has their lists of drugs that can not be imported to or exported from Germany legally. If 'pine bark' is on the list, so what ? Maybe in other countries it's legal, and other stuff may be illegal instead.
There basically is nothing wrong with the laws in Germany. They are different to those in other countries, but do you really expect, that more than 170 nations on this globe have the same understanding of what is legal and what is not ?
Beg you pardon.

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