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Default Re: Hello/Question MKUltra Conference

Originally Posted by Little Warrior View Post
Hi Everyone,

I've been reading here for awhile, but just recently registered. Nice to e-meet you all.

I have a question for Bill or Kerry or whomever may know the answer. I would love to attend the MK Ultra Mind Control Conference but will not be able to make it. Can anyone tell me if this conference will be available afterwards in video or audio here at the site?

I'm very much looking forward to watching Conspiracy Theory this week with Duncan O'Finioan, btw.

Again, nice to e-meet you all.

Hi, I am not involved with the conference but from what I have been told. It will be live streamed and also will be filmed, the videos no doubt will be free on the Project Camelot site a short time after the conference.

Very much looking forward to seeing them myself.

Kind regards.
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