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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

Originally Posted by derpif View Post
Then go ahead and discuss how ExPANSIVE it was, I don`t care.
There is no difference if 6.000.000 or 3.000.000 people died.
Maybe I don`t get the point here.
the biggest point might be
~ maybe 'the germans' were NOT the real ones, behind it all
(although, history has made it appear that way)

NOT always can you judge men/or women
based only on the 'suits' they present to this world
or, perhaps, are forced to wear

war is NOT a very fair thing ~ to anyone

there is, a lot of important things
~ starting to bubble to the surface

we need to learn to all be in peace, and live in peace

a lot of pieces on earth are starting to work together

so, the past, does NOT repeat itself
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