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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

I just happened to run into this today and felt I must put it here for all the people that feel that this thread was based on Untruths or that it shouldn't of even been started


Revisionists - Men & Women of Heart & Soul.flv From: FredrickToben | December 24, 2009 | 140 views 1. This is an incomplete compilation of Revisionists who have dared to confront the Hoax of the 20th Century - the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah lies because of their love for truth, among other topics.
2. Remember, anyone who thinks and absorbs new information, then refuses to fudge the books because the new information threatens their world view, is a Revisionist.
3. Holocaust believers are either ignorant of the physical facts, liars or both, and that is why they legally persecute anyone who refuses to believe in their lies.
4. For many the maxim still holds - the truth hurts, but don't look for a scapegoat.
5. Life's lesson is - get over it and liberate yourself through hard mental work from your own mental conceptual prison - Arbeit macht Frei. ... (more info)
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