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Default Re: Warning: VERY CONTROVERSIAL - holocaust

Originally Posted by 371 View Post
Nazi atrocities? YES always have known, it is my heritige.

Living a blatant lie? No, didn't always know. And certainly not just how much of it is a lie.

Out of sight, out of mind indeed. Most people simply don't care, until it effects them personally.

Then they are upset, and cry about it. That is like a rocking chair- gives them something to do but doesn't get them anywhere.

Yes, I am upset about this. I can't imagine that I am alone with my feelings.

But apparently its fitting to let the world go along their way and accept the fact there is nothing we can do about this now so forget it.

I dont feel that way, I didnt know all of this and yes it is very hard to comprehend the scope of what happened and I dont care if it happened 100 years ago. People still walk around with their heads in the cloud believing their stories.

Its time for the world to open their eyes and see who did this and why.
Because it is still happening. Or do you think the Holocaust was a one time thing ?

I just find your last response pretty harsh and hope that more people will wake up to the truth now that word is getting out to us.

It matters regardless of those that have always known. It matters alot
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