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Default Re: The Hessdalen light phenomenon
An analysis of several signals gathered
by Renato Romero (1) and Jader Monari (2)

"The following is an analysis of a number of samples taken from the various audio files gathered during the field investigations carried out in Hessdalen in August 2000 [1] in order to study any correlation between VLF emissions and the well-known light phenomenon. The recordings were made with a VLF receiver known as ELFO (Extremely Low Frequency Observatory [2]) created at the CNR Institute of Radio Astronomy. The correlation receiver operates from 100Hz up to 22KHz and exploits two 2x2m loop antennas."
..."The spectrograms do not indicate any anomalous phenomenon: all the signals analysed are commonly receivable while listening to Radio Nature in country areas not too far away from urban areas. If the monitoring is carried out with loop receivers (such as ELFO), disturbances may be sensed due to its sensitivity even a number of miles from the origin of the source. The electric network, thanks to its all-engulfing distribution pattern, creates a series of rings in which the magnetic signal is induced like in gigantic spirals. In order to escape from the influence of this magnetic field, it is often necessary to travel many miles from the presence of both high and mid -voltage (220V) power lines - something which is not possible at the Blue Box in Hessdalen where the ELFO is installed.

However, this leaves us with a qualitative comment to make on just how a valley which appears to be so distant from major sources of interference is in fact so polluted "from an electromagnetic point of view".

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