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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

Ok Lets go if we are gonna do lets start with Mrs. Claws at the top, there are easier marks but if you can't trip up a granny on a Sunday then its been a waste of a day. Ok just building myself up hehehehehe

Dolorus Cannon
Dolorus means sorrow and in french it means pain, nice name? Cannon of course is a religious title, a very large gun and a desciption of a set of tried and tested things, like a literary canon etc...

From her site -'Ozark Mountain Publishing publishes only non-fiction metaphysical and spiritual material. Our purpose is to provide readers with accurate, interesting and educational information that opens the mind to fascinating possibilities. We hope that you will take the journey with us and explore the possibilities of the Universe and Beyond.

Ozark Mountain Publishing has been in business since 1992 and is located in the hills of the Ozark Mountains.

Dolores Cannon is the President and Founder of Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc. For more information on Dolores'

So is she the good witch that sets you on your 'Fascinating Journey' sets you off on the yellow brick road to OZ, the place where your up-side down and its tomorrow instead of today hehehehehe....

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