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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite


Ok , here is OJ the king of the Ju-ice, as Jupiter , riding on a white horse ,on the Ten freeway ,as the tin man ,aka Zeus aka Jesus,aka Ptah Pan the Goat.
10 the Alpha and Omega, and Tin as in the metal for jupiter.

These PROFOUND insights tell us that, MN is GD and GD is MN.
OJ was arrested in Vegas or Vega-aka the Vagus nerve, through which the Christ oil flows. Conspiracy BULL SHTI is created to distract from these truths.
There was 101 pieces of evidence for his conviction, and item 77 was the G-Love. 77 IS 14 OR ZERO POINT ENERGY
He is currently serving 33 years in Love Lock down federal facility.
He is most likely some where laughing his ass off at our IG-norance.

OJ lived on RockingHam, which is the energy of the Goat, aka Capricorn one . Mars give us total recall.

What i' am saying is this. The world is a stage, and needs an audience to keep the illusion in place. Just like avalon and camelot, is a stage,that seeks to keep the illusion in place. There is no difference then the apple snow leopard, then the snow leopard of avalon 2. Only an occultist know that (On, )is the Sun anagram.

ANA = 16 = Pi

ANA- lyze------- ANA LEADER of the V = 22 = Pi = 360
Ground crews & safe heavens are for those who live in fear.
Are you not tired of being afraid. every time this forum is at an all time High , a new threat of some sort emerges.

1 What about swine flew The burgermeister,is no different then the MC Donalds old ass Hamburgler of duality.
2What about the Anglo saxon report?

None of these informed people, have told us that all is connected, and infinite, only things to keep the illusion in place.
This shti is over, and your time is up,cause some of us can see, and thats all it takes, is a few,and it is the few that u fear most.

We are the ones that was spoken of long ago, that would come , with the sword in the mouth, riding the hippocampus.
We have arrived!!!!!!!!!!

Cliff high released a 61 page report, and we've been having 6.1 earthquakes connected to revelations 61. These people think we are stupid. They laugh at how truly Nai--->EVE we are. What stands on a high cliff but the Fool, who initiates the movement of the Tarot. the april fool.

The Fool is half past human ,as he starts his journey, into the unknown, to make it known once again. To remember 3.14. Infinity.

No one owes you truth,it must become self realized.

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