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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

primavera again,

So from the left, Mercury the protector of the garden, then the three graces dancing, the graces are thought to be the daughters of zeus representing beauty, harmony and happiness. Presuming you go along with Primavera or spring being the garden of eden, next you have venus set back she is very like the venus in the Birth of Venus, in this painting, the shell shape is above her head in a kind of halo of trees, however the artist has made no attempt to make this organic looking so it is to draw your eye to the central figure of venus. Venus herself could be a metaphor for the garden and in that case can be viewed as the earth herself.

Cupid is above her head, so spring is the next figure going along about her business of being spring, regardless of the fact beside her the snake in the garden is grabing a figure breathing flowers. Nature will not be distracted.

From the protection of the masculine on the far left to the distruction on the far right, AND you wont believe it guys but we are back to dragons, the snake this time is a dragon or a personification of wind, and ill wind grabbing the figure breathing flowers, forcing its way in to the garden to get flora the flower breather.

Its a beautiful paining open I guess to many interpretations. If some one wanted to post it on the same page that would be great, I can't sorry.
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