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Default Re: George Bush in Calgary - March 17

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
The headless horseman comes riding into town invited (?) by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce in his first post-presidency lunch - $400/ticket. Event at Telus Convention Centre.

See local goings-on here:


Fast Forward Weekly
As George W. Bushís St. Patrickís Day visit to Calgary draws near, the federal government is facing pressure from activists and human rights lawyers to bar the former U.S. president from the country or prosecute him for war crimes and crimes against humanity once he steps on Canadian soil.

Financial Post - Feb 13, 2009

Calgary to host Bush's first speaking event since leaving White House

Get Together - Chet Powers

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Hey no caste, back,haven't see you here in a minute. I'd like to know if that is the true title of this event, the headless horsemen.
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