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Default Re: Belt of Orion - Gateway to other Universes

Originally Posted by iainl140285 View Post

I have a couple of pics from the Stan Romanek site that correlate with Orion, which seems to indicate some sort of gateway coming through TO us. Maybe worth a look ...

Yes that was interesting.. The hypercube in his dream picture appears to contain a wormhole leading from the belt of Orion aswel.

orthodoxymoron : things aren't black and white, sure they are service-to-self races living within the systems of Orion, likely there are all types of beings there aswel and many loving spiritual beings.
There are malevolent people on the Earth.. that doesn't mean we are all evil.
I'm not interested in having theosophical, religious discussions of Christ.. that way of thinking is poison. Get over it.. Jmmanuel/Sananda has moved on maybe you should too. Many people talk of the 'Christ' consciousness as being the return.. as opposed to a man, I think it is irrelevent. Every atom in the universe is equally part of god, love nature. We don't need a saviour.
Hows the view from up there on the moon? All the best.
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