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Unhappy Re: Ecuador default: Fears grow that others will follow: Telegrah UK/ Washington Post

Yes, I agree with you Steve, Brazil should weather well, through this current Northern Hemispheric economic mess! Brazil, just needs to be cautious and prudent in its ongoing trade agreements, till a new world currency system is inplace? And which would have to reflect, a TRUE fair trading value of goods and services between nations?
I don't blame the small country's for looking for some debt payment adjustments relief, but this should be done with other fellow nations, in a unified appeal approach thru the World Bank (IMF). Those country's, that decide to breach contracts and agreements with any investors, risk economic turmoil, such as the likes of Somalia'> outcast nation status. OH Ecuador! ??? I was really counting on> crashing in at the last moment, at George's home though?? gio
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