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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by TruthWillSetUFree View Post
Greetings Abraxas

Thank you for all the generous time you put into answering questions. It is appreciated.

I have decided to delve into this thread for a clearer understanding of what all the hoopla was about. I was delightfully surprised to find as long as I don't try to understand the meaning, most times the information 'lands' within me real well. It was only the pages on physics that was daunting.

It is helping me to stretch my consciousness, that is until I go to work out in the matrix and it gets real small again, why is that when we are all connected?

I have a few other questions for you.

What is Love?

Do you know who I am? (please no phony balowme ego aggrandizement)

Dear truthwillsetufree!

Post #1204 defines what you are in the NDE of M.T. Benedict and with the actual 'provable' formulations thrown in.
You are the thing you seek: Love. Even sweet Celine would agree with this definition.
Now this LOVE is a RESONANCE definitive for the question of what is space? what is time? what is mass? and so on.

So to simply say LOVE is All is true by definition; but this does not really 'help' anyone or anything to 'make sense' of the worlds, the universe and everything, including oneself.

1 John 4:8
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

Then once this thing called Love is understood on more levels than the emotional, then say the mental concept of Love in intellectual terms can become 'coloured in' to initiate a new paradigm in physical and practical terms and in the form of a new philosophy or worldview; which despite many naysayers MUST be what is called scientific, logical and rational.

Yes the universe is a holographic universe and so quantum entangled with itself on all levels and all dimensions and all densities.
The prime directive for this holographic universe is however to foster the individual creativity as a cocreative agency with the primal source.
Many consciousness subunits agglomerate following evolutionary pressure gradients to eventually form suitable consciousness superunits as data collectors for the source. The Mirror of Mirrors within the holographic universe is termed universally the Human Template (say Vitruvius aka Cosmic Man).

These human templates as agglomerations of basic consciousness units (say neutron like) then become as SHARDS or miniature prime sources as secondary sources.

Thus whilst the Oneness is paramount as encompassment of all such sharded holograms; the Individuality of each and every shard is precious beyond 'belief' as actual parts of prime creator source itself.

So the following paradox eventuates and I shall leave this with you to ponder.

How is the logic of the statement: Separation within Unity DIFFERENT from the implication of the statement: Unity within Separation?


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